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Data Journalism Agency is a member of think tanks network representing Ukrainian analytics in Europe. Mission of The Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels is to communicate Ukrainian expertise worldwide. Office is a constantly functioning independent platform for discussion and decision making on key issues in EU-Ukrainian relationship. It also builds a network of scholars and politicians in Europe with a long-term perspective on Ukrainian democratic development and European integration.



Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services - TAPAS

Terms of implementation: 30/10/2016 – 30/07/2021

Program’s goal is to strengthen the accessibility and the quality of open data in Ukraine.

    Open Data Agency fields of work within the program:
  • — Cooperation with ministries and governmental bodies on the implementation of open data policy;;

    Our experts worked on data audits, determined priority data sets for further publication, conducted seminars and provided consultancy as well as made interactive visualizations based on open data.

  • — Cooperation with municipalities «Open data for cities»:

    City councils, which tend to strengthen their management level and the quality of communal services by providing open data access to important information, join the municipal projects “Open data for cities” that is being held second year in a row. First participants of the projects were Vinnytsya and Chernivtsi city councils in 2017. With a help from experts of the projects they developed legislation, held audit, publicated new sets of open data and created web-instruments useful for the cities. Two cities out of those participating in the project joined The International Open Data Charter,their representatives supported by experts developed a roadmap on implementation of the Charter’s basic principles. These cities have shared the global responsibility for the development of open data in their communities.

  • — Organizing National network of open data coaches:

    National network of open data coaches unites change agents who work on strengthening open data development and use in Ukrainian cities. Within this program the organizers provide coaches with training and organizational support for their master classes, workshops and consultations on open data for local authorities. The network network was created in 2017 and now unites around 40 open data specialists from 26 Ukrainian cities.

    Conducting educational events (workshops, data-camps, trainings and seminars) for working with data (search and analysis of data, open source data, infographics, data journalism and writing texts) for different target audiences: government officials, community activists, journalists, developers, data analysts and others.


Promoting Public Debate on Government Performance Project

Terms of implementation: 1/07/2018 – June 30/06/ 2019

Project is focusing on enhancing critical thinking and responsible decision making based on facts among Ukrainians. Online media covers current events and trends in Ukraine through data analysis and profound journalist materials. The project features topics and issues that are rather rare in Ukrainian news today that is why it is important for Ukrainian media and society.

Within the project create and publish dozens of infographics, data journalism materials as well as editorial materials and special coverages on burning issues related to reforms of governance system and other crucial changes in Ukrainian society.

Some materials published on website are shared through social media. Some select web projects are created and published in cooperation with other national media. While distributing the project’s products we are aiming to create public demand for open data and its use in Ukrainian media.


Analysis of Fakes in Ukrainian Internet Media Project

Terms of implementation: 1/12/2017 – 15/02/2019

Project’s goal is to strengthen the ability to fight fake news through quantitative research of manipulative, clickable and propaganda-style news in Ukrainian media sphere. Also project helped to detect the network of internet news media that publish fakes massively and on a regular basis. Thus this fake news becomes viral in social media. We aim at arousing interest to the problem of fake news and to lead the discussion of the ways how to deal with it among media community, broad public and Ukrainian officials.


Institutional Development of “Data Journalism Agency” Innovative Think Tank Project

Terms of implementation: 1/12/ 2017 – 30/10/2018

An institutional development grant for strengthening the institutional capacity of “Data Journalism Agency” think tank has been provided within The Think Tank Development Initiative (TTDI) implemented by International Renaissance Foundation in partnership with Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) and with financial support from The Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.

Since 2014 The Initiative has been developing institutional capacity of Ukrainian think tanks working on qualitative changes in public policy. New practices of public decision making are formed and policy analysis lies in its basis and becomes essential for authorities. Thus, with The Initiative’s assistance, it has become possible to realize many useful ideas and projects, to gather key team of our organization, to make the studies by our analysts more extensive and innovative, which in turn enhances changes for better in our country.

Three years of The Initiative’s implementation have been successful and its authors have decided to continue the project. Thus new wave of TTDI began in October 2017 and Data Journalism Agency was among the participants.

Key areas of project activities are: Enhancement of analytical component of our organization; Expansion of our global communication; Search for European partners for joint projects; New partnerships and cooperation with state authorities; Our employees’ professional development.