25 activists will work with data from The State Water Resources Agency concerning the quality of water




There are only 15 countries today that publicize their data on the quality of the water in a machine readable way – states Dmytro Makovskyy from The State E-Governance Agency of Ukraine. “Ukraine has joined these countries and it is a truly innovative step today, but we should not stop here, we have to move further especially because of the fact that some Ukrainian governmental bodies are still reluctant to opening their data. New interesting instruments based on open data can motivate them to do it. Such instruments are well received by our society and create further demand for new data openness that in turn motivates the authorities to work in this direction.

Kateryna Onyiliogwu, the coordinator of open data direction within Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services – TAPAS, says that the value of the data reduces if it is not in use.

The participants of The Open Data Story Camp are facing the tasks such as to find out the best usage for data available from The State Water Resources Agency. Data Journalism Agency experts will help them to do the practical part of the task. Today open data is used in various instruments, services and even in commercial startups – it becomes more significant and provides more benefits for the society.

We wish an interesting and successful work to everybody participating in Open Data Story Camp Vol.3. Good luck!